The undertaking of this project was a delight. The owners have a very fun and inviting environment and demeanor and wanted to invite that atmosphere into their Bar. We had a blast working with Deborah Rindal on the design and build. We gutted the old bar and started from scratch. The back lit Onyx stone was a focal point of this project and took careful preparation and planning to get it to turn out just right, as the opacity of the stone, distance from the wall, brightness of the LED's and ambiance created were all factors in consideration. We used a wood backer to mount the stone and LED lights to, painted the whole wall behind the stone in two coats of the brightest white we could find and pointed the LED strips in and not straight out, in order to avoid any harsh areas of light. Three slabs of Onyx were sourced locally here in phoenix after many days and hours spent looking for the perfect fit. Once the stone was selected, tests were made to gauge the slabs opacity, which ended up being a vital part of the production as we learned much about how the stone reacts to light from different directions and distances. In the end it all came together and with some added touches of Crown molding, faux painted beams and LED strip lighting at the Crown, we were all very pleased with the result.

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